I didnt want to do this as I hate being criticised (Spelling) but it needs to be done although maybe a little early but with this I can implement it in my next few projects I'm about to fire up.

The theme for my blog is its a personal project for me creating one of a list of robots that I am planning, mainly based on mother natures creations and pretty much all from my imagination although taking leads from similar projects, with this I mean... some of my ideas might not be original but I want to work them out in my own way unless I cant or a way previously done is better. I dont think I'm very good at writing so you might notice that but if not thats a bonus. I've made a list below of what I'm looking for in this thread so I hope that helps with my sacrifice to the world of SEO.

Hobby Robotics

1) I will be moving to wordpress and a domain when I can.
2) Only two posts so far.
3) I'm after advice on the advert placement.
4) I'm after advice on meta information as I'm a noob.
5) Do I need to add anything?
6) Do you have any tips when using blogger.
7) Thanks in advance.

?) Also, I think my description sucks for when I'm adding myself to sites, could anyone possibly give me an idea with what I should put with the information on the site. Thanks.