I am a newbie to NB and I was hoping I could get my site reviewed buy the top Adsense earners to see how I could improve my Adsense earnings. Adsense has been active on my blog since March this year and I am earning a few hundred dollars a month.

Pixabella Free Clipart is my blog where I designed this site template, the layout, the clipart and where I write my own content.

Today I made a change to my blog after reading Will Spencer's tips about increasing Adsense income. I changed my text links from grey to blue like his post suggested. It actually looks a lot better, lets hope it converts well to.

I made the decision today to move my static page links from the navbar to a side column and add 5 Adsense text link ads. I am not sure if this is the right decision for my blog?

My other thoughts on Adsense text link ads is to place one somewhere in my post, however I already have a big graphic ad that appears three times per page. On top of that each post I write I also give away a free clipart piece. Hmm any thoughts?

I was thinking of adding text link ads into to my posts but I was a bit concerned the block ad and clipart graphic giveaway would cause ad blindness.

I would really appreciate your input and if you have any further advice, changes or ideas I can use to improve my Adsense income that would be great.

Cheers Ceejay