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Thread: Please give your suggestion that will help me

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    Please give your suggestion that will help me

    please review my youtube downloading site & other useful thing like proxy,rapidleech just give me a suggestion that will help me improve more.


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    1. Put some text on the page that explains what the tools do.
    This will help your visitors and will assist you in ranking on search engines.

    2. Change the colors. They're very unattractive. Improve the logo.

    3. Submit your proxy here: | Fresh Proxies Daily! Fast, Anonymous and Secure!

    4. Put your navbar at the top, not the bottom.

    5. Get rid of the guestbook. Those are outdated and unnecessary.

    If you like my advice, you should give me a free copy of your video download script. xD

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    Don't forget to change your title from your URL to something useful,

    the title tag holds great power within

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