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Thread: Please help me to review my website, thanks !!!

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    Smile Please help me to review my website, thanks !!!

    Hi all,

    Please review my website related to Hip hop beats for sale. I am selling products related to royalty free top quality beats from top hip

    hop producers. Kindly watch my website and share your suggestion with us to more improve our website. Thank

    you very much for your reviewing and your suggestion.

    My website is: Hip hop beats for sale

    Thanks very much !!!
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    behind you!!
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    I don't use pre-fab loops and beats when I make tracks, but if I did (as many people do), this would be the kind of site I would use. I like that the loops are listed right on the front page instead of having to go into the site to find them. I also like that they are categorized. The header image is nice and the soda cans are a nice touch.

    My only gripe is that I wouldn't pay $9.99 for 1 beat and neither would other people I know who create music. If I were to spend that much I want a nice small pack with at least a few beats in it. Not everyone makes money writing music and a lot of musicians have low budgets.

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    This is a fake thread. the OP is a link spammer.
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