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Thread: please please review painstaking new site..

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    please please review painstaking new site..

    I have been working on this Joomla based site for my new business, my industry obviously is window tinting for cars homes and offices.

    C'mon guys let me have it, ive been married for 22 years now so i'm good at taking criticism...

    Cheers Stivvy,

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    Looks promising! Although where is the link?
    |Nico Lawsons

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    yeah thanks but i'm new to all this and have no links at all, ive tried to create some but get to a sticky question that i'm not sure on and give up, how do you mean ??

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    He's talking about a link to your site. How can we review it if we can't get to it to see it?

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    review wow i need a caffiene injection or something... sorry guys

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    Very nice looking site.

    2 small things:

    - You should add more images (self explanatory images)
    - Your subtitles are a bit too long and jump out your top menu, you might want to enlarge that menu.

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    i'm getting on it right now to adjust, thanks so much.. cheers

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    Like Shenron says, the site is very nice! Your contact page seems to load slow for me though

    The title of the contact page isn't using a capital letter, which looks unprofessional to me.

    Apart from those things it looks really great! Maybe you could add some more highlighted colors to the site, as it's about tinting in the end But ofcourse that's up to you
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Hey thanks man, i appreciate the kind words..

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    That's gotta be one of the nicest joomla based site I've seen in a long time. Good Stuff!

    I just noticed a few small issues.

    The Anit-Graffiti Film feature isn't parsing. See screenshot attached.

    And then the "We're expanding..." paragraph, I think would look just a tad better with the 'Read More' Link newlined instead of word-wrapped with the paragraph. (But this might just be my font settings) Screenshot attached.

    Anyhow, really nice looking site.
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