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Thread: please, review

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    please, review

    Hi friends,

    I've recently launched my site: What are you developing right now?

    I'll be very thankful to hear your opinions about it

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    I just had a look of your website.Wel,the design is average.U can go for a much better Logo aur header.

    There are many free logo softwares available online.give them a try.

    One more thing, linked pages are really less.All major heading in one page?Think what users want when they visit your website.They certainly dont want to scroll down till death.

    So make ordered list of all your topics and give some ease to the visitors.


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    a cool looking design, why is HTML not in the drop down menu though! and what is the revenue source apart from adsense, you could have made it into a forum though if you just plan to post the message,its just a dofollow blog? what is the use ?
    hey i got it now, you write the message in code! GREAT concept, but what about HTML!No its not that too?

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    hey i just visited the website it was just ok! let it make it more easier for the accesors ...make it more simple and try to work on the home page

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