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Thread: Please Review dlking, a warez forum

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    Please Review dlking, a warez forum

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    Quite nice.
    I like the blog integration with the forum(is it available in SMf by default?).
    The color scheme is not too appealing, a bit more contrast and some more colors would make it look better. Some green and maybe a brighter yellow to replace the current yellow. The only colors is see as of now is gray/grey, yellow, red and white.
    You need to change the header, on first seeing it i thought it was a 468x60 advertisement and was going to click on it
    Maybe a header spanning the entire width would make it look good

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    Don't know if you have replaced the yellow since snak3's suggestion but I like the yellow used on "Rapidshare Premium accounts needed" text you should use the same throughout the layout.

    I also love your logo.

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    Ya, I had made some changes. Will make the color changes too soon. Thanks for suggestions. More suggestions are welcome.

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