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    please review

    this is my first site... i hope u like it ^^


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    Yahoo! Messenger invisible users detector / scanner / checker / tracer (just in case someone doesn't want to copy and paste)

    I hope you come back and participate in the forum; asking for a review is not generally the first thing you post on a forum without contributing to some discussions.

    That aside...

    1) Your hosting sucks. The lag time I got before even getting a title in the title bar was excessive; even if it was in China, it was excessive.

    2) Put some text on your site (page) explaining what your service is; not being a messenger user, I had to google it to find out.

    3) Your smiley is rather pixelated looking to me. You may want to check into a better graphic.

    I would comment more, but please add something for me to comment on.

  3. Design: has the beginnings of a good design. This is mainly due to the neat fade in of the blue background with a Yahoo smiley image over it. The input field is centered below it which is what people usually expect and it is styled consistently to the color scheme of the page.

    That said, there are a number of things that need to be improved for this to really feel like a complete and well designed site.

    1. The Yahoo smiley image is, as Menard mentioned, a little pixelated. Looking at the original image the reason for that is clear; the background and the smiley are a single image stretched to the width of the site.

    The width of the page is 800px and the width of the image is 720px. The easiest solution is to change the width of the site to 720px as well so that the image fits nicely without resizing.

    2. The top left edge of the page looks like it is rounded, but the right edge is not. I'm not sure what was done to achieve that effect on top left, but for consistency either both of the top corners (or all corners ideally) should be rounded or none.

    3. The "go" button could look more polished. The edges of it seem cut off rather than appearing like natural rounded corners. There should be plenty of free to use cool buttons that could be used instead of this one or you could create your own from scratch.

    4. The box that appears once the username is searched for looks nice, but could still be improved by changing the text color to something brighter that would better fit the background (or alternatively change the background to brighter to better fit black text and green links). The list also seems a little misaligned. This is usually cased by centering the text of the list and can be fixed by putting the list (<ul><li> stuff) into a div block (<div>) and then centering the div itself rather than the text within it. This would make the list display nicely aligned.

    5. Finally, there is just too many ads. There is a big leaderboard stuffed right between the "Detect Invisible Yahoo! Messenger users" and the search box and there appears to be no spacing between them which makes things even worse. I think it is generally a good idea to prioritize the actual function of the site as more important than ads and therefore put ads below the main function.

    In this case I would completely remove that leaderboard ad and I would also remove one of the two below it as well since there's too little content here for so many ads to be necessary and it is still visible and unmissable enough not to require more than a single leaderboard. I don't think you will get more clicks by having more ads.

    You could instead of one of the below leaderboards put a link unit below the search box instead which would probably convert to clicks a little better too.

    Overall, this rather simplistic design would regardless look quite good if the above issues were fixed. Just removing the excess of ads and making the image its natural size would make a big difference.

    Design Rating: 6/10


    Focus is mainly about how clearly does the site present its purpose to visitors and how consistent is it to it. If a visitor needs time to figure it out, focus is bad. could be much better with regards to this. It does say quite clearly: "Detect invisible Yahoo! Messenger users". However what isn't made clear is what exactly is supposed to be entered into the search box (or go box..).

    This might seem obvious and I did try that first, but the unfamiliarity with this kind of service could easily have someone pause and perhaps not even bother for another second. In any case it wont hurt to add a simple note saying: "Enter YIM username" before the search box.

    A brief introduction to what this service is about and why might someone use it would also significantly improve clarity.

    Focus Rating: 8/10


    On sites which by its purpose do not require much written content it is the service itself and its quality which substitutes the importance of content, in addition to any introductory text that there may be, which is generally a good idea. has no introductory text and as mentioned above it would be a good idea to add a brief explanation of the service below the search box (and above ads please).

    That said, the site does really need quite a bit to load which really impairs the perceived quality. I checked my Yahoo username and set myself to invisible, but the site kept saying I was offline. I would assume this would mean it doesn't quite work, but this would have to be confirmed by someone else to be sure.

    Content Rating: 7/10


    With mentioned suggestions implemented I think this site may have potential. There is obviously a need for improved hosting and it would probably be a good idea to have a bunch of people who use Yahoo test it out to make sure it works well. Good luck.

    Overall Rating: 7/10

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    thanx for your critics...
    i hope i can make it better...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashura14 View Post
    thanx for your critics...
    i hope i can make it better...
    Is that your site or his(OP) site ?

    - Digital -

  6. @memenode,
    I liked your critic, very cool.

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