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Thread: Please Review: JEFusion

  1. Exclamation Please Review: JEFusion

    I recently made a blog on Blogger.
    Here is my blog:

    Any more suggestions?

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    I'm fuckin' loveing it! I really like this design (if you made it yourself). I dont know anything about subject of site, but the design I really like. +domain (great for seo, maybee you should find some com or net, but it's ok)

    btw. how did you killed the blogger "toolbar"?

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    your site was very good, template was looking nice, try to add more attraction photos it will look excellent.

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    Wow your blog is great! The banner is just astonishing with the cute chick in front. The design is more original than most of the other blogs I have seen so there is definitely that personal feel that you added. And you update semi-daily so your blog is great! Love the Gundam post =)

  5. Thanks for your feedbacks. I really appreciate it.
    I just recently approved at adsense.

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    congrats on getting adsense approval, now that is a big hurdle crossed! i think gaming sites have good potential, getting some good affiliates is a good idea. also the theme appears a little drab ,go in for a more jazzy theme and try it . good luck

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    hey your site is a great one
    its very easy to access and also to scroll down its easy too

  8. Thanks for the kind words guys. After going offline for quite a long while since I'm busy with things, I'm back with a vengeance.

    Would you think getting the theme changed to a three column layout would work well?
    And what do you think of my Adsense placement?

  9. Design: looks attractive, smooth and needless to say sexy. The header is rich and colorful, but professional looking and fitting to the overall color scheme. It's good to see a blogspot based site which doesn't just use the vanilla theme (let alone the blogspot subdomain..).

    There are a few relatively small issues though. Some date boxes don't actually display a date and where they do display they seem somewhat slanted to the left side, but could look a little better fully centered. Some post titles display beyond the border in their background which could be resolved by limiting the width of the post-title class in CSS so the title breaks into the next line if it's too wide.

    Also, below posts in the links block the same font style, very little spacing and no delimiters make it a little hard to get such info as how many comments are made at a glance and it displays the "links to this post" link twice further adding to the clutter. Removing that extra link and styling at least the "x comments" link in bold would already help quite a bit.

    In the sidebar, the google search box takes up two lines which tends to look cluttering. Simply reducing the input size of the search box from 15 to 14 would make both the search box and the search button fit on the same line. I would also suggest trying to center the google ad in the sidebar to see if it looks better aligned. Finally, the "subscribe to us" buttons look a little too light given the relatively dark color scheme. If it's possible to style them to fit that would be an improvement. The same may apply to the mentioned google search box as well.

    These nitpicks aside, this is overall a pretty good job.

    Design Rating: 9/10


    The header is unmissable and just by the imagery speaks a lot. The name JEFusion is quite excellent and unique (hint: .com, .net and .org are available, you might want to snatch .com and redirect it or use it as the main domain since .com is what people type most). The slogan should make the purpose of the site even clearer (where japanese entertainment unites) and the actual content fits that purpose quite well.

    Focus Rating: 10/10


    JEFusion appears to be updated almost daily with brief, but packed new posts featuring some catchy imagery. It looks like it has a winning combination and given the frequency of being updated already contains quite a bit of stuff to browse through. The writing style is casual and relaxed albeit apparently sometimes tiny bit sloppy like in this sentence: "20th Century Boys is a manga series turned recently turned into a live action movie trilogy.". There's an extra "turned".

    Content Rating: 10/10


    JEFusion. Short, rememberable and marketable name with a catchy and attractive design and lots of content frequently added. It looks like a winning combo. There are a few small design improvements that could still be made, as mentioned, and I do suggest getting a .com as well while it's available.

    Overall Rating: 10/10

    Best of luck!

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