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Thread: Please review my blog

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    Please review my blog

    Well I just started my new blog:

    Stay At Your Home

    Please visit it and give me your review.


  2. In FireFox 2.x, the last blog post n "Recent Blog Posts" prints over the bottom of the box.

    In Opera, long post titles overwrite parts of your AdSense block, which can get you into trouble with Google.

    You should probably delete the "Hello World" post.

    You should update the "About the Blog" section.

    You should update the "About" page also.

    In addition, you should delete the default links which are still in the blogroll.

    120x600 skyscrapers have never been a good performer for me. You might try other in-content ad blocks. The rectangles usually work best for me.

    Some of your post titles capitalize important words, other don't. Pick a standard and stick with it.

    Best of luck on your new project!
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    The theme looks nice, only problem i see is links/text overlappin where they shouldnt, apart from that and i guess what will.spencer has spotted, it looks good!

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    Thanks Will and sparckyz for your comments and I will fix those problems

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    What does hp in your domain name mean?
    Live n Let Live!

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    I must appreciate you for selecting this theme, It looks perfect

    I just wanna say one thing that, Don't post many articles in a day itself, do it one by one. . It may eat your time But it's healthy and working to me. .

    So other than that, i believe everything is fine for now. .


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