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Thread: Please review my blog (just updated)

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    Please review my blog (just updated)

    Blog URL: The Vegetarian Blog- Lifestyle, Food and Wellbeing Blog for Vegetarians

    I am looking for a review of everything (i.e. the site in general)- design, layout, colors, writing style, pictures, usability, speed, helpful?: anything you can think of.

    Thanks in advance,


  2. Hello, here is my full review according to my usual outline.

    Design: looks tight and easy on the eyes. The color scheme is good and consistent throughout the site. That said, there are a few issues.

    The logo appears to have round features which are just barely visible on the dark background. I'm not sure what they represent, but my guess is it's blades of grass. In any case it seems like a good idea to either lose them or change their color to something brighter that would be more clearly visible.

    The content area of the homepage begins with a white block which almost looks like an input bar, but is actually just a white rectangle the purpose of which is unclear, unless it's simply for decoration. I like "Recent Posts" block with quick ajax switching to "Recent Comments" and "Popular Posts" though.

    It's always good to see attractive images with teasers of actual content as is visible in the teaser blocks on However, the titles of said content are all cut off. Perhaps it would be better to let them display as a whole and if they then look too crowded do one of the following three things:

    1. Slightly decrease the size of title text or

    2. Make teaser blocks spread horizontally across the whole width of the main content area, put the image on the right of text and title above both the text and image. Something like this:

    3. Same as above except reduce the size of that image leaving more room for the text. Depending on how much would the image size be reduced it might not even be necessary to have the title above it, but could remain next to it.

    The right sidebar looks good, though it's almost funny (in a positive way) how big that RSS image is. A smaller rss image would probably do too.

    The ad above it doesn't seem to display the ads in full as the iframe is cutting off the last ad. Also, the ad is the only exception to the color scheme, using blue for links and black for text. This would probably look better if ad colors were adapted.

    The menu highlighting the category of the page currently being visited has the green text on relatively bright gray making the green text harder to read. What would help here is either simply making the gray darker or just making the highlight of same style as the hover of category menu links.

    The design of actual article pages, however, is pretty good. The centered article title and use of attractive relevant images within posts are a nice touch.

    Design Rating: 8/10


    As the name says it's a vegetarian blog and the about page provides a clear and succint description which the categorization of the site faithfully follows, so things are pretty well integrated and clear to the user.

    Focus Rating: 10/10


    Articles on The Vegetarian Blog tend to be fairly brief, but to the point, which has the advantage of being easier and quicker to read. No large introductions and beating around the bush.

    However there are some instances where it might be slightly too brief. For example, the recipe articles use 1 to 10 ratings for difficulty of preparation and value for money. However is isn't clear if a higher rating means more or less difficult. Just stating something like "less is more difficult", just in case, would do the trick.

    Some articles could use use links and references to be even better. For example the stamina article (vegetarians vs. non-vegetarians) briefly describes two studies and their results, but there are no links to further information about these studies. There is actually nothing wrong with this, but references can certainly improve the overall usefulness, quality and attractiveness of the content.

    Still, as some people have already commented on the blog itself and I can testify articles are quite helpful and worht a read for any vegetarian and those who are interested in becoming ones.

    Content Rating: 9/10


    The Vegetarian Blog is all things considered a fairly well designed blog about vegetarianism and related topics with some helpful articles and great potential. Keep it up!

    Overall Rating: 9/10
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    nice theme ...i would put the 4 featured articles with pictures at the top though.

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