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Thread: Please review my Digital site !

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    Arrow Please review my Digital site !

    Here is the link - Digital UD - Ultimate Destination for all your Digital needs

    It's a just 25 days old blog.

    Thanx !!

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    Wow, a good one indeed. Seems like you are an experienced guy in this regard

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    I liked the design, logo and color combination.
    Also navigation is easy and topics are good.
    Only thing the length of the page seems to big for me.
    Good luck

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    The logo is perfect and cool.
    Design is amazing.
    Good work

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    I like the clear design. But what kind of information are you providing, it seems to be very broad ?

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    Nice and clear, I really like the design.
    You should start adding content now to get more visitors.

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    The site looks great and have useful information!
    Keep it up!

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    Looks simple, nice colors but the design could be improved if you really think there's a need. Specially the logo font since it's has a western-style font and you have or at least from a viewer's perspective you have 2 logos, the top text-based logo and the one from the blue header, you may want to decide to remove either 1 of those.

    Speed: 9/10
    Design: 4/10
    Usability: 8/10
    Navigation: 5/10
    Site purpose: 8/10
    Technology: 5/10

    My Overall rating for this website is 6.5 out of a 10 point system being the best.

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