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Thread: Please Review My Friends New Entrepreneur's Blog

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    Please Review My Friends New Entrepreneur's Blog

    Hey guys,

    The link is:

    Check it out and post your reviews. I'm doing this for a friend that is banned from DP.

    He'll read your reviews and try to make his blog better.

    Personally I think the blog is magnificent.

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    The design looks good, except these points:
    - 'entrepreneur' has been written in a strange font (Edit: for someone with a 1024*768 screen, but it looks good for bigger ones I just found out)
    - At the right 'internet business' the articles appear and dissapear, but there seem space for 2 more articles which isn't filled up
    - About the blue & black thing, wouldn't it be cool that if you hover a blue thing something black turns op and if you hover a black title a blue thing turns up?
    - The favicon may be bigger IMO

    Other stuff:
    - In the first post, there is an adsense block and at the right too -- That is something I hate on websites, what your mate could do though is start the text next to the ad block already (Like you see on Tech-Faq.Com)
    - Why does the link on this page, go via
    - In the search form, there should be added value="Question here" or something similar IMO.

    Let's hope things will be changed to make it better
    |Nico Lawsons

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    - Why does the link on this page, go via
    Hmmm.. What do you mean by that?

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    Nice theme. The only stuff I don't like are blank the "latest video post" and "Most commented on " sections....The header looks like he can plug an ad in it next to the logo...btw why don't you make him join here vice passing third hand info?? Cost is right less he's pissed off 0.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JokeR View Post
    - Why does the link on this page, go via
    Hmmm.. What do you mean by that?
    When clicking here, I visit the page through
    |Nico Lawsons

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    I let him know and that's fixed!

    Anymore reviews guys?

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    Looks good..i like the big blue and black buttons

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    Can I ask which wp theme he has used?

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    That's the Arthemia premium theme. It's popular

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