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Thread: Please review my fun & humor blog -

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    Please review my fun & humor blog -

    Hi all,

    I like to introduce my new fun & humor blog Funny Jokes, Pictures & Bizarre Stories

    I am using free wordpress theme for now but I am designing a unique theme for my site.

    Please review the content, design, loading speed...etc

    Looking forward to your suggestions as well.


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    Site loaded fast. Are you able to make the Facebook fans display more than 2 people? You may want to consider not showing your number of fans (if you can with the plugin) until you have at least 50 fans...people like to join groups that others like

    Are you going to keep it in Blog format or shift to a static home page?

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    Jani - Site loads well and the content is well selected (I found myself bookmarking a couple of them, that's generally a good sign). I'll leave the guru-ish comments to the techies, but from a user standpoint I like it.
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