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Thread: Please review my general discussions forum

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    Please review my general discussions forum

    Hi all,

    I am pleased to introduce my newly established general discussions forum Decent Discussions Forum •

    There you can talk about many topics, from health to web designing, from funny jokes to body building... everything is there for you

    Please review the forum and I will highly appreciate if you join the forum.


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    Nice simple but elegant theme, very refreshing for the eyes
    I obviously havent checked the quality of threads/posts there

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    I am sure you will like the quality of the posts too when you read them

    Any more reviews guys?

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    Apr 2009
    It's good simple, I liked the color combination.

    Good luck


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    Just to let you know, I also own this domain Decent Discussions Forum

    It will take you to the main forum

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    Those members who wants to join my forum but don't want to go through the registration process, just PM me. I will create your account and you can sign in with your same username & password as you have here

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