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Thread: Please Review my Internet Banking Related Site

  1. Please Review my Internet Banking Related Site


    I have started a site related to Internet Banking,basically its a guide to know about internet banking,and what are the features offered by different banks in terms of Internet Banking

    My Url Internet Banking Guide | Answers for Internet Banking related Questions

  2. The Home and About tabs are just a bit larger than the tab bar they are positioned on and that looks a bit odd.

    You will get better CTR on the front page if you move the ads to the left and the graphic to the right.

    Ad placement on your content pages is completely broken for me. I'm using Firefox and your skyscraper ads appear on the right, at the bottom, starting after the end of the article.

    The best ad placement for articles is usually a large rectangle or square ad placed inside the content with the text flowing around it.

    When writing about the Internet, the word should be capitalized. You don't capitalize the word when writing about an internet, but only when writing about the Internet.
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  3. Thanks,
    I will make the correction!!

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