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Thread: Please review my mobile sms collection site

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    Please review my mobile sms collection site

    This site is quite old but I really did not get a chance to hear reviews about it from other webmasters.

    Here it is Sweet SMS Collection - Love SMS, Funny SMS, Funny Poetry, Good Morning SMS, Good Evening SMS and so much more

    There you will find SMS in English & Urdu language. I don't know about western countries but here in India & Pakistan this SMS thing is very much popular and young generation is like crazy about them

    Take a look at the site and let me know what you think?

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    your site looks negative points in it..perfect logo.

    But from SEO side, you have added too many keywords in the meta keywords.
    Maximum of 7 is accepted my most of the search engines...

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    But I am already doing great on search engines, specially google. My site is authority site and is #1 for many important keywords

    Getting approx. 1500+ visitors only from search engines daily.

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