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Thread: Please review my money making site

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    Please review my money making site

    anyone please review my money making site..

    my site is Free Money For You
    thx before

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    I think the site is good overall but the moving words just annoyed me when you are trying to read the content and it kind of made me want to leave but
    may be thats just me

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    I like the webiste. The theme is good and ad placement is just awesome specially the link unit on the top

    And I agree with sam that moving text is little annoying. You have enough space there, I will suggest you to use static block.

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    I agree with Sam's post and in addition:

    1. The purpose of the site may be in the title but its hard to find the necessary information which makes me want to leave the site.
    2. The red menu bar behind the ad is on the edge of the TOS and probably not appreciated by G. I would check the TOS regarding placements of ads.
    3. The Shoutmix Chat Widget is in a inconvenient small frame, I have to scroll to be able to read messages.
    4. The menu on top of the site is not so obvious, I don't like some menu items that lead to another website.

    Personally, I would;

    1. Make the purpose and the 'how to' clear immidiately for a first time visitor by placing an article with a catchy title on the frontpage. Example: Here is how to make free money.
    2. Reconsider the ad placement, or rather the background behind the ad.
    3. Remove the frame for a better user experience.
    4. Make a nice main menu where people expect it to be.

    A few other considerations:

    • In general, recheck your spelling and grammar.
    • A standard format of paid program reviews will be more user friendly.
    • For some people its really hard to read text on a dark background, even if the text is light. A white background also looks more professional.

    I just noticed this is your first post on Netbuilders so let me welcome you and I hope my comments don't set you off
    Good luck building your site !

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    thanks for your review all

    i will update my site..
    or maybe change my themes maybe
    thanks anyway..
    this review will improve me..

    and nice to meet you all
    i'm a new member in here..

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    Welcome to Net Builders

  7. I dont think the red bar behind the google link unit is allowed... it falls under "misleading visitors to click " ... you will probably get banned for that so I Suggest you get rid of it as soon as possible.

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