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Thread: Please review my new forum!

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    Please review my new forum!

    Hello everyone.

    Today I have acquired a new forum:
    Recovery Forums is a peer to peer emotional and mental support community. Change your life forever!

    I got this for a huge bargain and I think that it has a lot of potential to become a cool, active, and positive change-influencing community. I spent time today fixing and altering all the settings in the backend, updating and installing new products and plugins, fixing things that got broken during the server change, changed the stickies, etc. Now since that is all settled, I would like to collect some input from the NetBuilders community as to what I should do next to start really improving this forum.

    There are a lot of typographical and grammatical errors on the front page - and that is going to be the first thing I work on. So, my question is: (other than that) What can I do now to generally improve the forum? Any and all thoughts are appreciated. Feel free to sign up if the subject interests you, as well!

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    I think this forum really has potential. I hope you have or will get the critical mass of visitors and members to have success with it.

    I think your new forum would also suit your DCMA adversary well. He might find some help in the depression and personality disorder section ...

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    The design is really good. The sections are well grouped and compressed.

    Good job on designing this one, it'll probably get a lot of attention.

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    You have a good favicon, but the red header doesn't fit with the blue forum template IMO.

    I don't like the icons neither, it looks like there are way too much subforums. I know there isn't any other option for you than building all these subforums, but eventually changing that icon could help

    There is also just one category. You might want to change it into different recovery categories.

    Contributors => Members, every member should contribute, so I wouldn't seperate them, just a few ranks are enough

    Hope it helps & good luck with the board!
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Forum has a nice look to it, a good theme if that helps

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