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Thread: Please Review my New hosting Template

  1. Smile Please Review my New hosting Template

    Can People please review the new template - We serve only the best, cheap and reliable! and tell me wat you think of it

    Thanks Jordan

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    Like I said on MSN, just like the template before this one.. it's GREAT!

    I love this sort of templates

    |Nico Lawsons

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    very clean design. i love the design for the logo, and the menu looks very professional

  4. To my mind, this looks a lot more professional than your last design.
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    Looks good though in the top boxes you have a line going through the letters making them not so clean to read.

    Then on then domain search box,all accounts and testimonials you have a mirror effect which seems to blur and doesn't seem right to me.

    Maybe on the domain search getting the magnifying glass a little more to the left so it doesn't look like its falling off

    Looks very clean though

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  6. Thanks Everyone i have took the comments,
    into mind and i am going to do a bit of touching up now.

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    Third design?

    It seems to load a lot slower than your last. Also, you may consider removing some of the reflections -- not so effective, overused. It's also a bit glossy for my liking, I don't fancy the embossed effect. The icons are great.

  8. I agree with Charles,
    This one loads a whole lot slower then the last one. Optimize your images! Also there is a line (think someone said this already) through the top text, making it hard to read.

  9. Thanks

    The Reflections we put there to give it a big of wierd style

    but thanks everyone

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    Very nice, though as said above I'd remove the line that passes through the three main headings. Otherwise a very attractive modern looking site.

    Not template related have the sentence 'We are always willing to help our customer and keep this hosting services alive.' on quite a few pages. That would stop me from signing up, because it suggests a question mark over whether the hosting is here to stay or not. Could just be me mis-reading though, and I know you weren't asking for comments on the content.


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