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Thread: Please review my newly built article directory site

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    Please review my newly built article directory site

    Review my site please
    Get The Best Articles You Are Looking For....

    Thanks in advance

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    Left menu and main boxes are quite well organized as it should be, colors are not the best choice in my opinion because this site is not mainly targeted to females only, I suppose, correct me if I'm wrong.

    The logo looks like it was done in Paint! Software and I must say it's really not good for your site or business. The font is a no-no, background doesn't match the header background. I can even see a black line and white borders from the "bucket" tool which fills the area in Paint!

    Please get a logo done for free or automated somewhere, here are a few sites:

    Logo Ease
    web 2.0 Logo Creator Online. Design and Create Free Logos

    My Rating:

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    Nice one,But its very colorful.

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    You should really look to update your logo as well as the frame up of the site. The logo is coming in very noisy with white chipping around the font. The colors actually sedate you and could use a little sprucing up by choosing a different color scheme. Step back from the template ans see what I mean.
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    its not that bad. i just get annoyed with the colors. and i prefer to not allow anyone to rate the articles.

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