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Thread: Please Review My Proxy Listing Site

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    Wink Please Review My Proxy Listing Site

    Hi, i'm new to net builders.
    Please could you review my site - Proxy Listing Site, please can you tell me if it looks good and if there is something i need to fix.
    I'm also not sure if i should put a box around the text like in MySpace Proxy | Unblock Myspace | Proxy Server | Proxy List | Centurian Proxy Network as the text looks hard to read. Please send me your views on this.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Logo is visible. I personally dont like the theme that the script has. I think for you to stand chance in the fierce proxy market you need to stand out from the crowd. Finding a nice layout and integrating that script is easy can see two samples and and there are several others but I don't commit them to memory You have a decent url that can be remembered just need to create a theme that will separate you from the other 5345 webmasters using that script.

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    Hey, thankyou i will look up some different templates. Do your listing sites have custom templates ?

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    Yes, and Even though I am not accepting any submissions at proxylocator its a for my network only

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    Did you make them or get someone else to create it for you. How much would it cost to get one like yours ? They are really nice

  6. I think on a proxy list it's important to show hit numbers, as that is all proxy owners really care about.
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    Does anyone like the template ?

    @will.spencer do people care about what countries the proxies are from as well ?

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    Good news is now PR3

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Good news is now PR3
    Now having an ALEXA under 250,000 and than you can start selling premium listings for higher prices

    I'm waiting till Proxlists gets listed in ALEXA in fact lol

    Can I ask you how long it did take you to get listed? Or don't you know that?

    |Nico Lawsons

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    About 2-3 weeks or so.

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