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Thread: Please review my salespage

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    Arrow Please review my salespage

    Heloo all, please take a few mins to review my salespage:

    Tell me also whether it load quickly. Thanks

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    I took a quick view of it. The first thing I saw was lack of graphicks. So I would ad some. The second thing I saw was ads. Delete them. Delete all ads. They make the site look spammy and will definately decrease your conversion rate.

    The site did load quicly, what is good thing.

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    Seems quite bare, in the sense of lots and lots of white spaces. Did load quick though.

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    I just took down a template cause when I used another computer to view it and it didn't look right, so I changed back to my original design which is the current one.

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    You need to add some sizzle to the steak. The steak is what you are offering, but the offering lacks the professional sizzle that makes people feel comfortable with the site.

    I think you need to spruce it up with some colors and images. It is a bit too plain. Part of the issue is the 100% width. It spreads the page out too much. It is hard to read text when it is spread out too much.
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    Add some graphics
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    Your page is a little busy. I left before I even figured out what you were selling

  8. Design:

    I have to say, first impressions are actually bad. In 2009 I think few are those who will take a look at a page which pretty much has no design and feel very confident about it. This page needs, as others said, to be spruced up with paddings, margins, colors, a header and neat positioning of items in a way which makes it look orderly and sensible. It needs CSS.

    The trouble is.. there actually is no real design to review. The only substitutes may be the choice of HTML headings, colors and that "please bookmark" image. But there isn't much to say about that except, "it's OK.." and the image is nice.

    As others have also pointed out, there are too many ads and it would make sense to remove them all given that the whole page by itself is a sales page so it's success ought to primarily be measured by the sales it makes, not clicks and impressions of ads.

    Design Rating: 2/10


    There are no real issues in terms of figuring out what is being offered here, especially given that the whole page is dedicated to explaining exactly that so this by default has a high rating.

    Focus Rating: 10/10


    As expected and is fitting the content is a sales pitch article. It isn't too long and contains all of the attention grabbing elements (which coincidentally make it easier to read) such as bullet points, emphasis, frequently asked questions and testimonials. It does a good job at pointing out the reasons why should one buy the package and why is it of exceptional value. It stands a good chance of making sales.

    One correction that I would suggest would be to the first sentence though. "Welcome to The IM Package homepage" should be its own sentence rather than being separated only by a comma from "The IM Package brings you the best value..".

    Content Rating: 9/10


    It would be a good sales page if the design was brought up to current standards and much of the ads removed. Also, it would probably inspire even more confidence if it was hosted on its own domain name.

    Overall Rating: 6/10

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