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Thread: Please Review My site

  1. Please Review My site


    Kindly review my web designer site once by all way.

    All way means by Designing and SEO view.

    My site is Connecticut web designer


  2. Black text on blue background makes the text blend into too much.

    There is not enough contrast with the text and the page as a whole.

    Animated logo in the header is cool looking.

    Meta description is too long, it only needs to be between 13 - 15 words and yours is more like 27 or so.
    <meta name="description" content="Web designer for Connecticut, national and international companies, NetDogz Web Design provides web design, SEO, website development, search engine optimization and various other web site services.">
    Do you want to target the word Connecticut or Web designer first? And the 3rd word in the meta description is a trash word - "for". Something like "Connecticut Web designer and search engine optimization consultant" would probably do just fine.

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    The flash thing is really super cool...
    Loved it!

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    Concur with the above and that it works in an old version of IE 6.

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    I'm not an experienced webdesigner but here's my impression:

    I second the comment about readability; for some people its hard to read text on a dark background.

    I'm on FF3.5 with screen resolution of 1024 x 600. Something odd happens in the layout when browsing trough the menus, see attachment.

    I like the design a lot, looks very professional and easy on the eyes. Its a very nice website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisFletcher View Post
    The flash thing is really super cool...
    Loved it!
    Well.. I also loved the flash thing !
    It also produced sound.

    - Digital -

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    your site looks good,,,will be great if you are adding some more text in the index page..and the flash is awesome man..greets..
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