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Thread: Please review my site

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    Please review my site

    Hello guys just launched my first proxy site today.

    Domain has partially propagated.

    Tell me what you think about it.

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    Well,the design is good.Domain name is very relevant.

    But i dont understand one thing.How u gonna hide from the known anti-proxy softwares.

    I am sure you know bout the proxy buster software which many colleges and offices use.

    My advice - Keep a low profile.Avoid SEO.

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    Nice design. Didn't understand the domain name until I got to the site. Could be a great site considering it doesn't sound like a proxy at first.

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    My review will be minus of all assumptions, and declared in all honesty.

    1. Attractive, pleasing design
    The template / layout is very sleek. Very nice to look at, especially because nothing tacky is in sight. I love it.

    2. Positioning of main content can be improved
    I would prefer having the URL field above the welcome message for a more user-friendly approach.
    Visitors go directly to what they came there for, it would be better to serve it to them before you serve anything else.

    3. Empty and boring.

    Although not having too many content is neat and makes the site load faster, it also kind of gives the template a "lacking" feel. Content at the bottom (currently under the URL field) would officially make this a "whole" and "complete" site.

    Hope you try to consider the suggestions I've given.
    All in all, I'd give this site an 9/10!
    (1 point less perfection because of the empty bottom, but a very high score for not having any pop unders upon entry! Good job!)

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    Your site is a good one but I think you should change your theme. Choose a colorful one. And i think you have too many adsense unit there make it less. then I think your site should be perfect.

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    People do not have time to completely read everything.. and then go to the right and not see "type in url"
    but this is a good way to have a hidden proxy site

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    Quote Originally Posted by john2jt0 View Post
    People do not have time to completely read everything.. and then go to the right and not see "type in url"
    but this is a good way to have a hidden proxy site

    Btw I changed the design, what do you think guys?

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    I think ad placement shoule be in the top of the content. Otherwise desing is really looks professional.

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    I really like your website, the design is nice and clean - especially with the bubbles. You monetized the website well since you make the user search for the search bar which is in between the two ads so people will sift through your website before being able to use it. Overall, the website is good, except it took over 60 seconds to load on my web browser because of one of your ads. May want to look into that.

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