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Thread: Please review my site - best review gets a prize!

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    Please review my site - best review gets a prize!

    Hello Guys,

    I have recently launched

    I would like to get a review of this website but not a written review - but a review were you go through the site and talk the comments to the microphone. I know its not what you normally do - but I have 2 cash prizes to boost your confidence!

    The best review gets $30 and 2nd place $20

    If you are up for it - Start here

    Thanks! Any comments please let me know

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    Sure you don't want me to give you a written review. Also is this exclusive to NB or is it posted @ other forums?

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    Sorry its not exclusive. But so far there are only 2 reviews and I am giving money to 4 best reviews - (2 websites to review each with 2 prizes)

    Your chances are pretty high if you record the video review and it only takes couple of minutes...

  4. The navbar seems ' cut off '
    There is no ' register page ' on the home page

    thats about it so far i can think of.

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    For how long is this offer up? I think I might have time tomorrow (about 10 hours from now), to make a review. If I can get my microphone working.

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    I am to lazy to turn on my microphone. Will leave the price for someone else

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