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Thread: Please Review My Site: Photoshop Stuff

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    Smile Please Review My Site: Photoshop Stuff

    Please Review This Site:

    Photoshop Stuff

    I am looking for your honest reviews on design, stuff and everything about the site...!

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    The more recent content entries appear to be fairly irrelevant to the PhotoShop niche. Your design, I would expect, considering you are offering PhotoShop tutorials etc., to be custom, not some slap-up and run theme.

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    i like the template and color and love that add at the top right alltogether i would give 8/10 the only thing i didnt like was the if you like this post you may like these i thought 4 or 5 was abit to many

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    The site took very long to load, especially the 2nd and 3rd columns.
    I would make the subtitle a bit more obvious (lighter color on dark background) and shorter. Its a bit hard to read now.
    The infolinks are almost invisible.

    Other than that, it looks interesting.

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    Thanx for the reviews guys ...!

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