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Thread: Please review my twitter user locating website

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    Please review my twitter user locating website

    TwitMapr is a new Twitter app that allows you to add your twitter profile to our map, you can then find people in your area and contact them or follow them.

    Twitter User Map

    Feedback Welcome.

    Thanks Brian
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    It's very good and iintersting idea. Im added me in map.

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    I find all twitter apps fully useless.

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    i think it is a nice application, anyone wanting to see the geographic location and follow wiilll be benefited, btw ,i have added my account in twitter to the application .but one has to be added to be mapped, nice one ,one of the better twitter applications!

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    i`m not a fan of twitter, but your site looks very simple and interesting also unique, keepgoing and get some good google traffic

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