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Thread: Please review my web application made for PayPal

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    Please review my web application made for PayPal is my most recent project that helps people create simple product pages to accept PayPal payments online and automatically delivers the precious cargo such as scripts or software or e-books to the buyers.

    I added one of my own products, a web template. If you are interested, you may go ahead and make a purchase to experience the whole checkout process I have coded. Or better yet, you can sign up for an account and create a demo product priced at $0.01 yourself and then buy it. To see how it works.

    You can view a demo product I created for just $0.01.

    Any feedback would be much appreciated. This app is currently in alpha phase and once it's thoroughly tested and used, I'll go ahead to add more features such as shopping cart and uploading of the merchants products.
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    Looks good from my brief browsing. Would suggest you add in GC also as that will soon be taking off and giving paypal a run once the court case regarding ebay only taking paypal payments has ended. Since the Judge in the case already ruled against ebay once it seems to be a for sure thing GC will soon be a household name also

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