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Thread: Please review my web & graphic design blog -

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    Please review my web & graphic design blog -

    Hi all,

    I like to introduce my new web & graphic design blog Web & Graphic Design Inspiration Blog - Design Ideas, Tech Concepts, Logos, Illustrations, Photos & Articles and want to get some critics about my site.

    Please have a look at my site and let me know

    1. How is the design?
    2. How is the content?
    3. How is the site loading speed?
    4. Do you see any link broken / not working?
    5. Any other thing

    Your critics will help me improving my site more.

    Waiting for your replies.

  2. Great design, content is interesting straight to the point and laid out nicely. Eg your article on contextual ad alternatives...

    Nothing really to fault at all with your site, however if I was going to be picky the loading time was a bit slow.

    Also you might want to make the free ad space a link to your advertising page and I would remove the visitor counter on the bottom as it looks a bit unprofessional.

    Apart from that the site is really good

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