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Thread: Please review my webmaster forum -

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    Please review my webmaster forum -


    I like to get feedback for my 1 year old webmaster forum Webmaster Forum

    I designed the theme of my forum myself, I am proud of it lol

    The forum recently made it first birthday on 7 Sep, 2009

    Please take a look at the design and content too. It has a web design & development blog at Web Design & Development Information

    Looking forward to your reviews.


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    If I tell you, I would have to kill you.
    I think you should move "The Lounge" to the bottom..let the people see useful webmaster discussion on top..change the places of "the lounge" with "webmaster discussions"..keep the " web and graphics discussion" in the centre itself "

    the design itself is is clean and cool..write nice and useful blog posts and promote them, interested people will eventually join your forum.. [stumbled your blog to give it a kick, moreover, i like to it too]

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    Romeo said it. Move the lounge down. Also, you might want to reconsider some of the forums names. Remember, new visitors are expecting to find a gossip type site. Right now it just looks like another webmaster forum.
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    Yes, I will move that forum to the bottom tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion

    And about the gossip, actually there are going to be webmasters related gossips so I think it is fine as it is?

    BTW, would you guys like to join the forum?

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    OK, I have done the changes you mentioned here. I have moved the forums lobby to the bottom

    Any more suggestions?

  6. I think you have some good members over there with good webmaster information . I was just reading for outside and got some good topic . Hope to join your forum too asap .

    Best thing I like in your forum was section according to topics . They are very speicifc according to needs and any one can judge that what we can find inside every section .


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    Nice enough forum, but without some members on it all the time people tend to be reluctant to join as they assume it might have died IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparckyz View Post
    Nice enough forum, but without some members on it all the time people tend to be reluctant to join as they assume it might have died IMO.
    It is not dead forum but just a less-active forum.

    I am kind of disappointed but I am not going to sale the forum or take it down because patience is virtue. It is just 1 year old forum and I should not expect my forum to be busy like DP in just 1 year.

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    I agree, i dont think its dead either, just sometimes can give out the wrong impression when there is only 1 or 0 members on there at any give time. like you said though it does take time to build up a forum from scratch.

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    I don't really like the theme... it feels like it's horizontally compressed... (Text as well as images).
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