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Thread: please review my website (cognitive behaviour Therapy in Edinburgh)

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    please review my website (cognitive behaviour Therapy in Edinburgh)

    Hi! Can you please review my cognitive behavior Therapy in Edinburgh
    I would like your opinion on its design and functionality.

    The website is: Edinburgh Hypnotherapy - Cognitive Behaviour & Rational Emotive Behaviour Psychotherapies

    Dr. Robin Thorburn

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    The functionality of the site is good and the content is laid out in an easy to find manner.

    On the design side, I believe that there are a couple of issues with the rotating "Accreditation" and the moving "typing" text. The style is out of the '90s. You would make a big improvement to the site by getting new banners. The typing text would be better in a flash banner/header.

    There are quite a few inexpensive providers that you can find in the marketplace should you follow my suggestion.

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    You could try using plain white for your background.

    Also try adding a caption with the person's name on the photo.

    overall your design looks ok.

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