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  1. Cool Please Review, Proxy List...


    Please can you review I have been playing around with the template lately, modifying the scrolling text, i have also added a twitter bird and some Adsense link ads. So basically the navigation and header area.

    Please can you check the site, and while you review it let me know if there are any bugs and if so, What browser you are using.

    Here is what the site is looking like for me...

    Thanks in Advance!

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    the template is just too excellent, my eyes got stuck there

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    I've always liked your template, just one thing I would suggest, for the "Your IP is exposed" box, try overflow:auto; instead of scroll. That way if scroll bars aren't needed in both directions or at all, you won't be left with blank bars taking up space like its currently doing in your screen shot for the horizontal.


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    @ DtkGuy - Thanks, I will try and change it

    Does anyone see errors when you browse the site ?

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    Site design looks good

    My IP is exposed apparently lol

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