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Thread: Please review webmasters gossip forum & blog

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    Please review webmasters gossip forum & blog

    Hi all,

    I am pleased to introduce my forum & blog here. Here is my site

    Webmaster Forum - Webmaster Forum
    Web & Graphic Design Blog - Web & Graphic Design Blog

    I have integrated wordpress blog with the forum to get more high quality content and interactivity with the visitors and forum members.

    Please review my forum & blog and let me know what you think about it


  2. Hi, here's my full review.


    Right off the bat first impressions of are great. The colors are pleasant, and the logo is pretty much state of the art and very inviting. On top of that posts on the blog contain attractive images spicing things up even further. With all that is there anything that could be improved?

    Well I sniffed around for trouble and typical suspects and I can't seem to find any. The only thing I can comment on are the colors of google ads which break away from the color scheme of the site. That said, pink and blue do go well together and I suppose this can attract more clicks so this isn't more than a passing remark.

    This is a very well done design and integration leaving me with not much more to say except congratulations.

    Design Rating: 10/10


    "Webmasters Gossip" and the tagline "Webmasters Discussion Forum" make the purpose of this site crystal clear. It has an interesting name as well. Available forums are what one would come to expect from a webmasters oriented web site and tend to have good descriptive names.

    Judging from the about page which is linked only from the blog it appears that the blog is rather treated as distinct from the forum and covers a specific set of topics of its own, mainly web design. However since forum is the homepage and the blog is still quite directly relevant to webmasters this isn't much of an issue.

    Focus Rating: 10/10


    Most forums still have less than 100 topics, but appear to be on their way towards exceeding that number. Stats look good in any case with still nearly 2000 topics, over 10 000 posts and over 600 members. This can definitely classify as an established albeit still growing forum.

    The blog seems to have been started recently as there are only barely two pages of entries. While I would say it's off to a good start considering a few relevant resources, including an interview with a twitter logo creator, the blog is currently a somewhat peculiar mix with some articles which don't seem to have immediate relevance to web design, such as origami artworks, funny twitter comics, invisible folders in windows and nail art.

    All of this would probably be of some interest to the target audience, to be sure, and putting a focus on a certain topic doesn't necessarily mean there can't be relaxing interjections especially if they can inspire design ideas, but since it's just getting started, right now there is almost a 50/50 ratio between posts which could be directly relevant and those less so.

    Still, posts are presented in an attractive manner, and are brief and easy to read. coupled with an interesting blog is definitely coming to be a worthy resource.

    Content Rating: 9/10


    Excellent design and integration, active forums with already a great number of useful posts and an attractive blog for web designers and developers make this a great web site. Good luck.

    Overall Rating: 10/10

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    ^ Thanks for the detailed review. Much appreciated.

    some articles which don't seem to have immediate relevance to web design, such as origami artworks, funny twitter comics, invisible folders in windows and nail art.
    I will take care of this thing and will post mainly about web & graphic design related articles.

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