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Thread: Pokemon Evolution

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    Site Name: Pokemon Evolution

    Site Link:

    Opening Date: 6th Feb. 2010

    Review Type: Content

    Other Information: None

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    I'm a pokemon fan, I'll check it out soon.

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    Your reviewer is Gabriel

    Your assessment request has been accepted by the assessment team.

    Please allow the reviewer of your website 72 hours to complete your assessment package. We will do our very best to complete it before then.

    If you are having any problems with the expedience of your assessment then please Private Message Nero and he will attend to your assessment immediately.

    Thank you for choosing the Admin Community.

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    Assessment Complete

    Your assessment has now been completed. The cash has been deducted from your account and this review has now been archived.

    Thanks for using admin community.

    Here is your receipt

    Admin Community Assessments.

    Review type - 'Content'

    Reviewer Name - 'Gabriel'

    Total deducted - '35'

    Total time taken - '1 and half hours'

    Your Review:

    Today, I will be reviewing the Pokemon Evolution forum!

    General Appeal & Impression Scale

    When viewing the page for the first time, one thing popped out at me. This was the logo, as good as it is, it covers all

    of the links, including the portal, members, home, etc. I wasn't pleased with this because members would have to

    manually type in links, fortunately, thats not a big issue! I suggestion pasting in the themes layout code in theme

    manager provided by ZetaBoards. If that does not work, simply resize the logo and re upload it, then edit the html

    code in the theme settings in ZetaBoards' themes section of admin CP. After that, the theme popped up in my head, a

    perfect pokemon like theme, including pokeballs as icons. Moving on to the forum index, as I scrolled down, some

    things caugt my eye, first, each forum had a picture from a pokemon game, I thought that was unique, and i kind of

    liked it! Secondly, the forum had a unique "please register" redirection forum, I never saw this before on a forum, and

    I thought it was pretty nice! Moving on, the forum had unique names for the forums, and they incorporated the name

    "pokemon" in almost each name! If I go back to pokemon gaming, I might come back and check out this forum!

    score: 20/20

    Flow and the "wow effect" Tally

    The theme colors look AMAZING together! The forum theme looks like a gigantic pokeball! Not only do the colors

    match, they resemble the theme really well! The forum has a clean, and professional look, The boarders are really nice

    and the background is very simple, and matches the theme really well! The clean theme makes the text easy to read

    posts, names, usernames, etc. Overall the theme is awesome, if this was actually coded by the admin or a forum user,

    then, this forum would sky rocket in this category!

    score: 20/20

    Content Interest Survey

    Unfortunately, on the first post I clicked, the grammar was absolutely horrible! Personally I do not know how to fix this

    so I would suggest the only that comes to my head, google it! The spelling is also not the best, of course, everyone

    makes mistakes, so this category will be pretty hard to judge, but when there's a will, there's a way, right? After

    looking around a little bit more, I figured that the grammar and spelling would not be the best on this forum, but I had

    to make sure my hypothesis was correct. After browsing for bit more, I found that not the whole forum is poor in

    grammar, but the content was arranged in short, choppy sentences, or in one long sentence!

    score: 11/20

    Customer Navigation Report

    The categories and forums are really well divided. No forums are repeated twice, and the rules are in some cases so

    well written, that they are the same for many forums, which makes the navigation easier because you don't have to go

    through rules for all the different forums! Most topics are in their respective categories and don't go off-topic, this

    makes reading and understanding topics easier! The categories are well organized and divided into seperate forums,

    browsing the forum is very easy on Pokemon Evolution, if you need something like which version of the new pokemon

    game should you get, then you can simply scroll to the General Pokemon Gaming forum! The organization of the forum

    is very important, and this forum is very, very well organized!

    score: 20/20

    Visitor Appeal Study

    Overall, this forum is a great place for pokemon fans. Infact, it almost persuaded me into going back to pokemon

    games, but being me, I don't let desires get best of me, I would definitely mention this forum to someone looking

    for a good pokemon related forum! The forum really surprised me, and I really enjoyed my time on the forum

    reviewing it!

    score: 20/20

    Final Score: 91/100

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