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    PureTalkForum Debate & Discussion Forum

    Forum Name: PureTalkForum Debate & Discussion Forum
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    Topics Covered: Numerous. All sorts of discussion and debate subjects.
    Software Type: vBulletin Forum Software

    Threads: 3,229, Posts: 36,628, Members: 1,197

    PureTalkForum Debate & Discussion Forum
    Participate in debates, discussions and heated arguments, meet new people online, and customize your profile. Express yourself!

    PTF is a nice community that focuses on all sorts of debate and discussion topics. The members are very friendly and tend to exercise a lot of the forum's social networking features. Growth is not rapid, but it is picking up.

    We are running a campaign called "PTF Saves the Planet" which means that for every so many members, threads and posts we plant trees on the behalf of the forum and its members. This is a unique promotion that I created to give back to the planet and fire up some activity at the forum. More information here.

    Reviews + Advice are greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!


    Hi, here is my full review.


    Given that this is a vBulletin site, as far as design is concerned the focus is on the theme choice and/or customizations made, not that using vBulletin doesn't immediately earn some extra points since it does affect the user experience.

    The theme is great; soothing, tidy and elegant with with nice custom icons and a cute relevant logo. The facebook connect button is a nice addition and is well positioned below the login form.

    There are only a few nits to pick.

    First the introductory text appears to be made as a GIF image (which is known for its lossiness) which makes the text display stand out from the rest of the site's text. The contrast is especially visible if the visitor is using an OS with anti-aliasing enabled since the text in the GIF isn't anti-aliased. This is a fairly minor issue, but unless there is a specific reason for making the introduction display in this manner it might be a good idea to just use good old text.

    Second, the "conquest system" menu is always highlighted giving the impression that this is the page we're on, which we clearly aren't. Instead the conquest system is a specific section of the site. I assume the purpose of this was to draw attention to this section, which is fair, but I nevertheless thought it was worth making an observation.

    Third, and this too is merely an observation, there is a banner ad displaying instead of the first thread in each forum which might annoy some users depending on what the relationship between the community and site owner is. Alternative, of course, is to remove it and count on the leaderboard above the forum description. Perhaps the leaderboard could be put in between forum description and thread listings to make it more effective and reduce the need for banner within the actual listings. Just a thought.

    Finally, if possible it might be good to put the Arcade and Conquest System menu items next to each other either on the left or right from the others since they seem to be of the same type (games).

    Overall though this works pretty well and feels professional.

    Design Rating: 9/10


    On the face of it this seems like a general forum, yet the introduction does delineate a few points of focus, namely civil debates, heated discussions and current events. Given that this is emphasized the intent seems to be to invite people who really love to engage in something deeper than just casual conversations.

    "Debates & Discussion" forums go along with that being mostly about more serious issues, but the General Chat forums seem to be about more laid back topics and actually have most threads.

    In any case the focus seems well laid and does a decent job at attempting to differentiating from other general forums by emphasizing serious discussion while still allowing other kinds as well. The organization of forums also appears to work well considering the distribution of threads (all forums are well filled).

    Focus Rating: 10/10


    The most important thing for every forum is the number of topics, posting frequency and quality of posts. Special community events, incentive systems and other ways of encouraging participation and community bonding can be of great help in that respect. appears to have all of them covered. Stats are great. Most forums have new posts today and even a few people viewing them right now, and from a random sample of threads I surveyed the topics are quite engaging and civil. For incentives the thanks system is implenented and certain members have special titles like "movie club member" which indicates special community organizing structures..

    What outshines it all is the Save The Planet campaign, which is quite brilliant and should certainly help increase the activity of the forum even further. As an interesting side note, one might end up jokingly calling PureTalkForum (PTF) a Planting Trees Forum.

    All of this coupled with additional bonus features such as the arcade and conquest system games makes for a well rounded site in terms of content, the juice of the site, deserving a top rating.

    Content Rating: 10/10

    Overall is a good looking excellent general forum which is fostering a vibrant community. Combined with the special community campaigns such as "PTF Saves The Planet" it ought to be en route to success. Owner(s) apparently know very well what they're doing.

    Overall Rating: 10/10

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