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Thread: Redesign High Traffic site, need your feedback

  1. Redesign High Traffic site, need your feedback

    Hi All,
    Please give us inputs on our web design portal here
    Web Site Design, Web Design, Best Designs, Site Templates, Inspirational Sources, Webmaster Resources

    Thanks in advance

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  3. Here's a full honest review..


    Up front the site feels cluttered which isn't helped by a number of colorful and animated ads. On further inspection the design does, of course, follow some sort of a logic, especially in the lower area of the site with a search box and below where categories and listings are neatly arranged in three columns.

    The header logo and the overall color scheme is nice and easy on the eyes albeit also quite diverse in some places, which isn't necessarily bad for differentiating specific sections.

    I'll go through a few issues and associated suggestions. First, as already mentioned, are the ads. Aside from some ads being animated and therefore easily distracting, even if that can be excused for a directory site, the first portion of pretty much every page on the site seems to be completely consisted of ads some of which are images and some text link ads and on non-homepage pages the ad box is actually displayed twice, once at the top and once below main listing which might really be overkill.

    This can hardly be improved without simply reducing the number of ads or making certain ad units smaller. For example if the width of the sidebar was somewhat increased while reducing the square image ad to a vertical banner or a small square and the textual portion of ads (beginning with the "cheap web hosting ad") they could fit at the top of the sidebar. The remaining two ads would fit next to each other horizontally (and with better spacing) reducing the height of the ad box and making the actual content below closer to the top, albeit at the expense of pushing category and resource listings in the sidebar closer to the bottom (unless mentioned banner/square and text ads are put below it..).

    The least what could be done however is to put the search bar at the top of the main content area since it's slim enough not to push the ads below too far, but still presents a nugget of an important site function which, given it's the purpose of the site, should really be at the top.

    Going back to the sidebar, increasing its width somewhat can also help the display of category and resource listings on pages other than homepage as certain listings, due to insufficient width, break into the next line adding to the feeling of clutter.

    A few more suggestions. A sign up and login buttons don't align well to the associated text (like "Not a member yet?") as they drop below the level of the text. This has a simple solution. Just add a style to the img tag of those buttons with this CSS:
    margin-top: -9px; padding: 4px;
    . Padding is just for some fresh spacing between the button and the text next to them. Here's an image that illustrates a difference between a button styled in such a way and the other one which isn't:

    It's a small thing, but attention to detail tends to add up. The area in which this displays could also use more spacing above and below it to make it somewhat more visible and distinct.

    Additionally, the way "total number of sites", pager and "sort by" elements display could be improved in some way so as to look less cluttering. For example, the "total number of sites" can be displayed in the same line and before "sort by", with sufficient spacing between them of course, and perhaps a delimiter like "|". It makes sense too since you are sorting the sites that this total number of sites refer to.

    The site listings in categories look good with their thumbnails and the listings of resources is also fairly decent looking.

    Finally a quick note; the "Professional Templates" leads to what appears to be the old design or a section which is designed differently than the rest of the site. I'd say it actually looks a little better than main design. :P

    Design Rating: 7/10


    No Limit Media is quite general for a site name so by itself it's insufficient to as means of conveying site's purpose (it looks more like a company name). On first sight it looks like a general directory or portal site. Only the site title tag saves the day by spelling out out as a design portal. There's no about page that I can find however which would introduce the site and its purpose and highlights in some manner which I think is generally a good idea.

    For example the difference between what is listed in "resources" as opposed to that in "categories" isn't necessarily quite clear which is precisely the kind of thing that can be clarified with an about page.

    Focus Rating: 6/10


    The categories are filled with site listings and there are thousands of resources listed as well so as far as volume is concerned there seems to be quite a lot to browse through. However on cursory inspection of listings I've easily found a number of dead links or links to sites which don't seem to exist anymore and just have a placeholder page for the domain.

    In some sections there is also quite a bit of entries which look like spam ("hot latin girls" under web design firms).

    However there is also quite a few interesting entries and given the amount it's probably a useful directory for many people. It just needs to be cleaned up a bit.

    Content Rating: 8/10


    It's a mixed bag. On one hand there's clearly a lot listed that could be useful and valuable and the design does the job. On the other however it's quite cluttered, has what can only politely be described as a little too much ads and contains some dead entries and spam.

    The trouble is that one could create a competing site of the same type and purpose with better and more attractive design and far less advertising or ads which are better integrated and be quite a serious competitor in time. Also, various beautiful CSS showcase sites like or can already be considered as partial competitors.

    The solution is probably a better redesign, a rethinking of the ad policy and an implementation of automated link checking (if not already) or editors that can weed out bad entries as well as some sort of efficient spam blocking.

    Good luck.

    Overall Rating: 7/10
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