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    The 16th of June I got 16, so I decided to start a little blog about how I'm making money on the internet and to give a few tips I'm using. So far it wasn't been a real success, because I'm busy with my softporn blog, but I'll improve it soon I guess

    The link to the blog can be found by clicking here.

    Please leave some comments about what could be better and what was wrong. I'm doing my best to avoid mistakes, but I'm sure there are a lot of them, though I would like not to discuss about grammar mistakes in this thread, rather give some comments about what could be better

    Thanks in advance!
    |Nico Lawsons

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    I'm fairly certain there's something wrong with running an adult site when you're not an adult. Also, you're not retired.

    The theme doesn't match your niche, and it's really hard to read the text. I would suggest finding a better theme to use on your blog.

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    Aquarezz, check out these 2 free wordpress themes that I think would match your blog's niche.

    BlackMagik or DeskSpace

    Both with some tweaks would work great! Good luck and keep us updated.
    Good luck with your site.

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    Thanks for the comments, I forgot that I owned this website The DeskSpace layout looks amazing, thanks Jorge!
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Nice blog! How about you start a blogroll to exchange link? Or accept banner ads on your blog?

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    Tips and articles on your website are excellent [which is important].
    But on the other side if you look at the design its looking like some "eco friendly, Bio diesel, green earth or save energy kind of websites. I'm saying that because if you want to make it big, then website's design and looks always matters a lot for long run. Else, pretty decent website, and wish you good luck with your blog
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    Good start on the content. Definitely concur on needing to lose the green theme though!

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    Great content!!

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