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    Smile Review: - Website Analyzer Tool

    I've created this tool for us (The webmasters)

    Link: Do Loop


    Do Loop - We are a web analyzer service that provide wide range of data information about any website for free. We provide website statistics in connection with core traffic, Social reach, Useful graphs, Handful resources & Worth estimations that can be convert into business model revenues. Right now we use about 18 open API sources to gather information, We store 168,102,794 records in our databases and growing. Our goal is to let Webmasters & Visitors parallelly to understand the web a bit better.

  2. I like it, and I think it's a great start, but... it told me a bunch of stuff that just ain't true. All of these were reported incorrectly:
    • This site was created using Microsoft ASPX scripting environment
    • This site is programmed using the .NET framework
    • This site was created using the Visual Basic programming language in the ASP scripting environment
    • This site is running on the Microsoft Internet Information Server software
    • This site uses MS-SQL as database software is actually a Joomla site running on Apache under Ubuntu Linux and using MySQL as a DB.
    Submit Your Webmaster Related Sites to the NB Directory
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    I ran my make money online blog through your tool. Let's look at the results...

    This is based on an advertisement driven business model combined with our estimated traffic (132,122 pageviews per month) Which we estimate to turn into a revenue of $ 830 a month. This is just a rough Estimate.
    A very rough estimate. I wish that site made $830 a month...

    This site uses Javascript for user interaction.
    This site uses CSS to manage the site layout.
    This site uses Google Analytics for statistics.
    These things are true, but that's not a lot of information. Maybe it could mention that I'm using Wordpress or additional statistics software such as Piwik.

    Based on these statistics we estimate that has a traffic volume of 132,122 pageviews per month.
    I just don't understand where this number is coming from.
    I get sufficient traffic, but certainly not six figures or anywhere close.

    It also didn't detect my RSS Subscribers, and I have no idea why.
    It says it's listed in DMOZ, but I never submitted it there.
    It tells me I am not using META Tags, but I clearly am.
    Apparently 'running' 'online' and 'business' are not in the dictionary either. (Unless it's taking all of those words together.)

    My review: You need to fix these flawed algorithms and possibly add more data.

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    Nice tool. I reviewed my blog and it said everything true about it except the value of the website If that had been true, I would sell my blog blindfolded! :P

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