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    Hi all, humbly requesting a review of my site,


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    Hello Mikey, I am going to try my best to give some feedback in this reply.


    The first thing that I notice when going to your site is I see you added an other style as default, instead of the usual black one, called "Mystic" there. I think that was a very good decision. Mystic shows your forums really tight, which is good for getting to any forums fast. But bad also for you cannot see the last post in each forum, you have to click to view what is inside. Of course you have the bar where you see the latest new content, that helps of finding a topic you would like to reply to at that time, but you won't find something of 5 days old in that list. Also for a dark style, and yours is pretty dark only attracts a selected group. You now make a more neutral style a default one, which is great.

    The main style Novera Green looks great. It is bright but just not bright enough to be annoying on the eyes. Maybe that is because there is enough light here in the room. No matter, your banner is also break taken, and well done. Nothing comes out of the banner, it all gets the same attention. I also like the reflection in the banner.

    The structure of your forum is also very good, 3 categories with 4 to 3 forums in it, or sometimes a sub-forum to.

    Its also great you use a mod that shows the last post by x hours instead of "Yesterday, 05:29 PM" is alot more easy.

    I do suggest to get a sub-forum in the introduction forum where people can get to know other members even better. The purpose of that forum is quite simple a member is allowed to make a topic and let other users ask him questions, and any member can ask those questions. Questions can be personal or not personal at all, the user who creates the topic states info of how the other members can ask him something.

    Other then that your forum and everything related to it looks great, only maybe a bit more exposure of your site would help in brining more activity. As activity is the only negative I can come up with during this time.

    Activity you can gain on several ways. It is up to you and your team to find out which ones to use.


    I maybe missed some things here and there out, but your doing good. How old is the site ?

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    Site's just over 2 months old, with me only starting to promote it about a month ago. Thanks for the GREAT feedback, I like the "Meet n Greet" idea, It's one I've seen put into use, but I've never tried as it didn't personally interest me..

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