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Thread: Review Guard Tunnel's New Template

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    Review Guard Tunnel's New Template

    Well, while Guard Tunnel's old template may have been appealing, it was more or less a flop. All the extra pages and graphics weren't really used or necessary, and only added to the resource usage. The blog was also unnecessary, as people only want the proxy The ad placements were also very bad, so I did not get very much from them.

    I have redesigned Guard Tunnel for a different focus. This template is simple and clean, with white and lots of padding. It contains a good looking form and a little image to enable SSL. The ad placements are similar to that of Unblock Facebook's, which I found to be very effective.

    I have also simplified the proxified page. The bar is much smaller, only 90px, to make room for a leader board ad with the form and options next to it. Previously, I had a menu with an ad under it with a form under it - taking up a lot of space.

    I start promoting this proxy again to prepare for next year. 2010 hasn't been a great year for Guard Tunnel (it was amazing for my other proxies, just not this one) with traffic dropping down. I am looking to pick it up, and this template should at least triple the ad earnings based on Unblock Facebook. Guard Tunnel is also #5 on Google for "unblock facebook" right now, so it's moving up there.


    Old Template:
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