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Thread: Review Harry Potter Community

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    Review Harry Potter Community

    Need a community review done of my forums, Harry Potter Community.


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    Re: Review Harry Potter Community


    Your assessment request has been accepted. Please allow the team 72 hours to process your request, but we will do our very best to complete it before then! If you are having any problems with the expedience of your asessment then please PM Cosmic and he will attend to your assessment immediately. Thank you for choosing Admin Community!

    Can you please tell us your opening date, in the meantime?

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    Re: Review Harry Potter Community

    Opening date was 15th December 2009

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    Re: Review Harry Potter Community

    Thanks! Your review will be completed later today.

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    Re: Review Harry Potter Community

    Not a problem, looking for a good review.

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    Re: Review Harry Potter Community

    General Appeal & Impression Scale

    By the first look of things, I would join this forum within seconds, it's a very attractive skin and colors are very nice and easy on the eyes.

    Score: 20/20

    Statistics & Activity Scoring

    The amount of members and posts on your forum does not seem very well balanced out, you have 50 members with only 2,200+ posts, with most of those posts being in the Off Topic section. I recommend working on trying to get more members to post and worry less about getting more people to join unless they are guaranteed activity, your staff seem to login on a daily basis however, the average post per day for each staff member is a bit low especially the administration of the forum with, in some cases less than 1 average post(s) per day. Remember in order for a forum to thrive the administrators have to motivate the others to be active and find it worth time being there posting.

    Score: 12/20

    Member Satisfaction Index

    Judging by the attitudes of most of the members I would have to say they enjoy it there when they are posting, but by the looks of things most of your members don't come back very often to post, I suggest running some sort of contest or special event that will get existing and possible new members interested in being active. Your members seem rather relaxed as well as most of the staff it doesn't seem that the staff are ridiculously strict about the rules but would probably take action when needed and I think your members enjoy this.

    Score: 18/20

    Staff Member Connectivity Rating

    Like I stated in the previous portion, your staff seem to work very well with the members and they don't try and take complete control, nor are they seemingly power hungry by any means. The staff to member ratio of your forum seems very well put, you have one super moderator which moderates the entire forum and you have two moderators that moderate separate sections of the forum which is very smart to have. With the amount of activity the amount of staff that you have on your forum seems appropriate.


    Overall Appeal Average

    Well, your forum seems like it has some very good potential as long as you as an administrator keep the motivation up for yourself and everyone else in the community. I like how you have things customized where instead of it saying just plain register you have it where it say's Enroll which is very suitable for your forum, I also noticed some other customizations done.

    Very well done just keep in mind of things that need improvement that have been mentioned here. Good luck to you and your community in the future.

    Score: 20/20

    FINAL SCORE: 90/100

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    Re: Review Harry Potter Community


    Your assessment has been completed! The cash has been deducted from your account and this review has now been archived. Thanks for using admin community! Here is your receipt:

    Admin Community Reviews:

    Review type :: community review

    Reviewer Name :: Daniel

    Total deducted :: 0

    Total delay time :: 48 hours

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