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    Anyone want to review my personal blog real fast please? It's located at!

    Thanks I greatly appreciate it!

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    It looks great! You're using the same theme I used on my blog a while back And it's great SEO-wise with good tags and pretty permalinks.

    If you're looking for a plugin to manage your ads you can try Quick Adsense for Wordpress. I use it to place ads after the first paragraph.

    You could also consider using the plugin nonofollow to pass some PR through your comments

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    Content looks good and unique. The skin is also very nice.

    But maybe you could get rid of that 468x60 banner right under the post title on your single pages? That ad placement is really annoying. Also why not upload a photo of yourself on the About me page?

    Good luck with your blog!

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    The first thing I would do if I were you is this:

    First ask yourself "Do I like the theme"?

    Second, ask yourself "If I was the audience, would I still like how the site looks"?

    Be honest with yourself too, and visualize something bigger. I do think the theme is awesome, because it gives you options to use that it will automatically do for you.

    I think maybe a background of some sort, or maybe a banner or logo.

    Also as I believe above post said, add a picture to the about me page, and maybe if ya can find the about me widget add that to your homepage side bar at the very top.

    If this is your own personal site, I think you should add links to it that are links to sites you own or help manage. Add this place too hah.

    Right now, other than that I think your blog is cool, just some tweaks here and there, and it may add a better feel for both audience and you.

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