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Thread: Review my college blog

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  1. Review my college blog

    I have a blog about studying up since may 2009. But I have it never reviewed.
    It's called StudySuccessful

    Could you review it? I think my site needs some updates and tweaks!
    Want to learn more about learning? Visit, a blog about how to study!

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    You really need to fix the glitch in your post title alignment. The first post is fine, but subsequent ones are messed up. :/

    Other than that it's a great blog. I've attached a screenshot:

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    You have a rich content Blog.But,Please try to do some minor tweaks like adding a favicon,A better Logo,useful sidebar widgets etc...

    Also,i suggest you to decrease the number of post on the homepage.


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    Cool site you got there. No problem at all. The thing is you need to reduce your posts there, especially with videos, because that's what makes the site slow when scrolling down the page.

    Need little more adjustments, but you're good!

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    I actually found this blog somewhere before, other than NetBuilders.
    I bookmarked it and check back on it often... in fact, I was just looking at it last night!

    Let's talk about how we can improve things:

    Add a favicon to your blog. For example, here is the hat people wear at graduation:
    student Favicon

    Find a way to fix the problem with your titles as Sneaky mentioned above.

    Reduce the amount of posts on the first page as this creates a slower browsing experience for some users.

    "reader" and "Email" touch the line below. Adjust this if possible.
    You say Subscribe with Reader then you say Subscribe in a Reader right below it. It is not necessary to say the same thing twice.
    The box to enter an email address goes out of the box.

    Other than these design issues, your blog is great. The colors work well, the design is clean and appropriate. I see you have some good advertisements and they are unobtrusive and yet visible, which is what everyone likes. Your content is well written and you cover a lot of relevant topics.

    In my opinion, if you fix the errors I mentioned above and then work on continuing to produce high-quality content, you're good to go!

    One last thing, see if you can remove stop words from your title. I recommend the following Wordpress Plugins for SEO purposes: All in One SEO Pack, Robots Meta, and SEO Slugs

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