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Thread: A review and my first post on NB

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    A review and my first post on NB

    I found this site after searching google about digital point infractions, bans etc. this seems like a cool place to commiserate with other web heads. I just finished a WP blog for a customer of mine and well tell me what you think.

    Quickly Hired Career Services by Tampa Career Coach and Resume expert Robin Eads

    edit: ha nifty it picks up the page title.
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    Hi there, welcome to NetBuilders I hope you enjoy your time here.

    About your blog, it's really cool and well constructed. However, I think it's too gray
    add some colors e.g the pink (it will be more alive!!)

    Plus, in a post page "Related Links" and "Featured Video" doesn't seem to work

    Also there are no links in the "Blogroll"..

    Last but not least, others might find the blink effect on hyperlink hover interesting but I personally prefer something like:

         color: #FE0CE2;

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