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Thread: Review my Football Blog

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    Thumbs up Review my Football Blog

    Hay there,

    Your feedback is required on my new football blog .


    Hoping to hear from you, soon.

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    It looks nice but there is almost zero chance that it will ever rank well with Google. Every post that I checked was copied from a news site. That means it is not a blog, it is an autoblog or a spam blog.

    It doesn't matter if you identify the source. Panda doesn't care about that. It just sees it as duplicate content.

    What are you trying to accomplish with the site?
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    Nothing, just a blog for my friend. I am not into ranking this blog. I don't know much about football.
    I was just asking for the layout review.

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    It looks like a nice website to provide outbound links to related topic client sites.

  5. It seems all of your posts are importing from offsite and its taking quite sometime for the page to load that isn't so good. The background image is nice but the container element for the posts is a little plain. One of the issues I think is the the right sidebar is over twice as wide as it needs to be.

  6. You probably want to install a cache plugin like WP Super Cache in order for your blog to load faster. Other than that the blog looks pretty nice & easy to navigate.

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