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Thread: review my forex trading website.

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    review my forex trading website.

    here is my website, thanks for your reviews, i welcome negative and positive criticism! Forex | Foreign Exchange Market | Forex Trading | Reviews | Education

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    Forex has no overseeing regulatory commission, such as the SEC

    Actually that is not true. The regulatory body is the NFA (National Futures Association). Although yes that only applys to the NFA members (which is US only).

    There is few other points on that site and franky imho i think the site is too "long". It does look like a hack of an affliciate sales page.

    Sorry...really it does. On closer inspection I can tell you are using Joomla.

    I suggest you widen the website, and remove or re-catogorise the stuff on the left (where all the go buttons are)

    You have too many keywords in metatags. This is considered keyword stuffing and a promised way to get banned off search engines.

    A lot of your ALT tags have no description

    You have done very little SEO

    You have nowhere to collect people email and name (which is important to get your own email ist and be able to market products to them. The money is in the list)

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    I like the site. It' easy on the eyes and the articles look well written and just long enough to keep my attention.

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    review my forex trading website

    Your being sarcastic I hope

    Quote Originally Posted by Loko View Post
    I like the site. It' easy on the eyes and the articles look well written and just long enough to keep my attention.

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    First thing I would recommend is adding some padding to even the space on the bottom of the navigation buttons, the text is too closed to the bottom.

    The design has a few cool elements, not perfectly designed but still adds a little bit fun to the site. The fact that it's using a couple of icons on many sections of the site is great. On the blog section, make the articles a bit shorter by adding the "read more" because so much text there just makes most people dizzy and leave the page. Make the blog titles a little bit bigger.

    About the content, I'm not a forex expert but I would have to say you have enough content, videos, and it's not bad at all.

    Speed: 8.5/10
    Design: 4.5/10
    Usability: 6/10
    Navigation: 7/10
    Site purpose: 8/10
    Technology: 6.5/10

    My Overall rating for this website is 6.6 out of a 10 point system being the best.

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