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Thread: Review my FORUM.

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    Review my FORUM.

    I was afraid to write about my forum here. But since this is the section for that i have made a post. If WebAdminChat thinks its not good then please let me know i will delete it immediately. Or you can delete it.

    Actually, making Website Review section is like letting the members allow to advertise their website. And members will like it so the forum will be popular.

    Anyways, here is my website : . Its webmaster forum but includes many sections.

    I am trying to change the icons there and make it better. But, your suggestion is must.

    Site is being very slow sometimes today. It may be due to server problem. They will fix it.

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    There's no harm if you want to make a thread dedicated to your website here, so that others can rate/review it Your forum is good, like the theme, the places the ad is placed and so on. But i feel you should fill up the spaces to the right below that 'image' ad so as to make it look less empty

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    Pretty decent , i personally like the theme's color scheme but dislike those dossiers, but overall its a pretty good forum

  4. Nice Forums.
    Great Color Scheme and Organization is ok.
    Too many ads tho.


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    Yes, too many ads can send people away, and less chance of them clicking perhaps. Nice site though 7/10

  6. I like the color scheme etc. A few less ads is always nice.
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    Yeah, I agree, colour scheme is good

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    Nice colors.
    You have chosen big icons and font size due to which a lot of space in between things has
    been left vacant giving it a hollow feeling. Also because of this we have to scroll much more then what is preferred.

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    Good forum!! Try your best!!

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