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Thread: Review my Health site :D

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    Talking Review my Health site :D

    Hey guys!!

    I expect you people to review my health site, I have applied for the adsense with this site, Now i would like you to review this site.

    here is the link Way2Health

    Please give me your honest reviews. .


  2. How will you differentiate this from the other content sources in it's niche?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    How will you differentiate this from the other content sources in it's niche?
    I didn't get you clearly Will,

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    Quote Originally Posted by sterday View Post
    I didn't get you clearly Will,
    I think what he means is how will you make your site different to all the other Health sites around. BTW Nice Domain and site Are you planning on putting ads on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sam View Post
    I think what he means is how will you make your site different to all the other Health sites around. BTW Nice Domain and site Are you planning on putting ads on?
    Thank you sam, well i have applied for adsense, and wanna put more ads, But don't know which one is good,

    And some one told about the links, I don't have a great idea, having their links in my website as i am having PR1. will have to look at it. .

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    I am always interested to read health info!
    Your site looks cool and informative!

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    My recommendations would be to remove the 468x60 ad located on the right. You may want to try (125x125) or (234x60) from Google adsense. The website layout needs to be organized a little bit more, make the spaces even.

    The designs looks simple but I would recommend adding a bit more of design elements, not too much but just make it feel like a health site, add more pages or just remove the about page, the link is there standing by itself and it just doesn't look good. Good job, just make minor improvements and you're good to go with great content.

    Speed: 7/10
    Design: 4/10
    Usability: 7/10
    Navigation: 3/10
    Site purpose: 8/10
    Technology: 5/10

    My Overall rating for this website/blog is 5.6 out of a 10 point system being the best.

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    Hostgator and Hosting have nothing to do with Health - I would kill off that advert you have in the footer.

    Remove the sitewide link to Sitemeter - if you can't then change to another stat package that doesn't force you to link. is free, as is Analytics of course if you don't mind Google having your info.

    The tags cloud you are using, I just don't like it at all. Its not usable as such so its wasting space. I'd remove it.

    You need more pages. You have an "about" page that is under construction, and nothing else. To look like a legit site I would add content there, a contact us page, a meet the writers page etc. I'm in the process of fixing the design on this, so ignore the layout and look at the content on this page its easy to make a new site look a lot bigger than it is.

    My honest opinion is that you need to hire a writer, or at least an editor. Its hard to take content seriously when its littered with mistakes. You've got a few mistakes within the first couple of paragraphs. Since I'm looking at the site to review it I'm keeping looking, but if I'm a normal surfer looking for information I've already hit the "back" button and left long ago. The problem is its not something that a spell check is going to fix - its blatantly obvious that someone is writing in a language other than their native one.

    I think as the site is now it doesn't look trustable, or even legit. You are saying you are going to add Adsense - if this is on top of the other ads you already have then its about to look a million times worse. You are going to ruin the linkability of your site if you stuff it full of adverts and have non-native English content.

    I'm not a huge fan of the template you've used, I think using free templates easily costs you more in the long run than just using something proper from the start.

    As it is right now you look to be heading down the path of creating something completely unremarkable and instantly forgettable. I realise this all reads pretty negatively, but there is nothing wrong so far that isn't easily fixable. You could very easily sort the adverts you have, have someone proofread the content and pay $100 for a proper template. You can get away with not doing all 3 of these, but leaving them all as they are and I would bet money this site does not become a success.

    In fact as a case example, take a look at my site, Its based on Thesis, a nice template to use. We've took the time to use images for each post, and are all layed out well etc. The content has all been proofread and native English written. Look at my ad placement - you can't see a single ad on the index page, but if you click one of the articles you will see a single ad in the post (adsense).

    If you can objectively compare my site to yours, I would think you could agree that my site looks a bit more professional, and is more linkworthy. I never build sites for the short term these days - and long term I guarantee you healthadel is going to out perform way2health every single time if they both continue down their current paths.

    Of course this is just my opinion, but it is based on running multiple succesfull sites within this niche.

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    Thanks for the clear and awesome review guys, i have never expected such a honest response here in NB,

    I really started liking NB now a days!! Thank you

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    I have a couple of things crossing my mind, which if you dont mind, i'd like to share openly.
    I like the clean look your website has. Meaning, the colour schemes that you are using are light and appealing, which gives it a good feel.

    Now something which might contradict my above point is that the website looks kinda empty.
    That makes it look like ts still under construction/being developed.

    You might want to change the layout to make it look 'fuller'.

    Thirdly, at first sight, i see too many words, which kinda put me off. Again, you should look at the layout a bit.

    Thats what i thought i should bring to your attention. Please dont mind my saying this, because i criticise only to be able to point out stuff which can improve your website.

    If you need to talk, dont hesitate to PM me.

    - Pragun -

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