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Thread: Review my Marketing Blog

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    Honestly? I'd give your site a 0/10. No bashing here, I just really don't like a lot of things about it.

    First off, it's not close to being user-friendly. How do we navigate the site, there's no sidebar? Instead, in its place is a huge spammy ad box. Where are the links to the latest posts, how do we browse through your archives? This is the exact kind of site I'd immediately leave upon first glance & not even think twice.

    Yes, we all want to earn & make a living from our blogs, but you should not do it in such a way that turns your visitors away. Perhaps provide navigation, at least?

    & Now, 2nd of all, it's very boring. None of your articles interest me at all. It's fine though because you're probably just trying to excel in the certain niche you've picked (which just probably happens to be a boring one), & I'm sure there are opinions out there that differ from mine, but basically I'm just saying your articles have turned me off & I could not finish reading any of them if the world depended on it. :P

    It's a good way though to rank well in keywords, and increase PR, so I guess I'd have to say continue what you're doing?
    The site is fine really, just not really interesting enough for me, and the navigation-less sidebar is just not my kind of thing.

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    Very nice looking site. I think you should Change your Blog title. Marketing is not a good title i think. Use unique content. Otherwise doing a blog is meaning less.

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    About your blog,
    It has really a clean and an elegant layout, and about the contents is not sure, because I did not read completely. But so far it is good. And you can highlight the blog title. It is so small. I am talking about the “marketing” title.

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    Very nice design, but posting up content by other people which has been indexed by major search engines already won't really help you gain traffic. Try getting newer and more unique content - otherwise your website will just be there and not really gain any good traffic to make you money.

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    the blog itself , if original content is quite a good one, only one blog old though! getting an affiliate or more(bidvertisers allow other affiliates) is a must in a marketing blog, also put in more content and then you can be a bit better placed

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    The site design is simple but great.I'm glad to take a look of your page.The content are interesting and newbies must check out sites like this.They will surely learn a lot of things.

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    While the content may be good, I find the presentation a bit lacking. 3/10

    The layout is very generic and I've seen it before. It is simple to the point of being too simple. You need soemthing to attract people to read that text. Abit, it is a lot of text, you must manage a balance.

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    Smile Marketing Blog

    The essentials are there and with some ongoing work this could be a very useful blog. Take care when copying content from elsewhere or you will get slapped by the search engines and all your hard work will be wasted. Create links to other sites for info rather than copying their content.
    Jazz up the appearance a bit. Blue might be a respectable color but it needs to have something added to make it look and perform better.
    Keep up the great efforts.

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